Since 2000, SGA implementation has been certified, according to the international norm for environment management systems ISO 14001. SLM has been the first die casting company in Portugal getting the Environmental Certification, a mirror of our overall concern in this sector of activity regarding environmental respect.

Over the last few years we have developed a pro-active and responsible attitude, with the aim of minimizing the environmental impacts associated with our activities, products and services.

An environmental component, together with the economic outturn improvement, is increasingly implemented at the Portuguese business arena, and here SLM is solidly established; we carry out our work in an innovative way, bearing in mind the sustainable development, based on the eco-efficiency principles, which consists in a value creation, using less resources and reducing the environmental impact.

We are the leading company in casting side also for using the best technologies available, optimizing management and internal flows control, preventing pollution and raw materials deterioration, reaching the production process quality and efficiency increase.


SLM is an ISO TS 16949 certified company since 2004. We take quality seriously and provide the resources necessary to monitor the performance of our processes to demonstrate continuous improvement.

Quality is inherent to our processes throughout the life cycle of each part produced. We communicate with our customers from the earliest stages of development to ensure that we share the same goals and to take advantage of our experience and expertise.

Our enterprises utilize state-of-the-art measurement equipment and Advanced Product Quality Planning procedures.


Our employees are one of the key elements for our organization success. Their involvement, union spirit, compromising and enthusiasm are the foundation of our work.

Risks prevention at the workplace is, therefore, of upmost importance for an effective work condition; this improvement is important not only for human reasons, to increase workers welfare, but also because it ensures the organizations sustainability and economic prosperity.

By promoting a healthy and safe environment we create all the conditions to raise motivation levels: satisfied employees are more efficient and productive; employee’s motivation and appreciation determine the organization’s success.

We believe it is possible to prevent incidents through danger detection and risk evaluation as a basis for the definition and rollout of action programs to improve safety, and health conditions of employees. We promote a continuous reevaluation regarding procedures and practices at workplaces. We prepare, we test and we revue action emergency plans, which allows us to reduce the environmental impact and improve people’s safety and health.

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